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A Certain Frog

A Mowing Experience

A Poet Fishes

A Robin on The Road


All About Trees


An Extraordinary Whale

All Fathers Must Die

Along Eccentric Blvd

Bay Bridge in Charcoal and Chalk

Caligula In The Autumn of 1965


Captive In Sparta

Demarco’s Scar


Fat Man In Shadows

Finding Boy

Garden Party At Adele’s


Hunting With Morris

In the

Long, Low Convertible, Four Barrel Carb


Mister Kilgore

Night Visitor

Not A Good Day To Watch The Goldfish

Of A One Legged Bird

On A Mountain Pass


Out There

Penn Station

Pretty Boys

Punctuating Sarah

Rabbits In The Grass

Red Chairs

Saturday Market In Tubinen

Saturday Surprise

Self Made Man

Sidewalk View

Something Salty

Spice Rack

Spoiler of Dreams

Still Life with Dog

Strange Man Sitting Under A Tree


Syllabus For A Lost Afternoon


The Case Against Tattoos

The Mind as a Constant Poem

The Old Reporter

The Psychoanalytic Thumb

The Recalcitrant Guest

The Reluctant Traveler

The Shed

The Tree That Starred In Vaudeville

Tool Box

Twelve Houses

Well, Bow Wow, Now

What Are You Looking At?