Stuck in a mental hospital

for two and a half years

I lay in my sick bed

I will never forgive the doctors

They put me in a hole

where I grew belligerent

I stopped brushing my teeth

Only got up to watch

“Wheel Of Fortune”

The Mexican aides yelled at me

to pick up my clothes,

busted me when they found my laxatives

A janitor snuck me a candy bar

They made me swallow

all the pills: the square one,

the blue ones in a little cup

70 pounds later w/red eyes

I became the zombie they wanted me to be

The nurses behind the Plexiglas

ignored my questions

My face changed into a monster

The other patients drooled

& fell asleep all day long

I stopped fighting &

barely got out of bed

I thought I’d never get out

When I did I felt

I was still in there