Last Lambs

 New and Selected Poems of Vietnam

(Second Edition)

Last Lambs was crafted to give voice to the inner war of the soldier in the field and the ghost ”on the other side of the sky.” These poems guide the reader through the climate of the times, going to Vietnam, being transformed by the war, and the lifelong search for reconciliation. — BkMk Press

”Death watches him from eyes of the angry ghosts of the Vietnam War, and so these pages are filled with a terrible beauty that draws its power from ever-present danger…. this book remembers the dismembered of that long war so we won’t forget.” –Tony Barnstone, author of Tongue of War: From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki

”Bauer’s voice adds to the hard and necessary literature focusing on the Vietnam War…. These poems succeed where the historian’s pen fails: they take us into a green and unlivable world, serving as witness to that which would otherwise be lost in the wide sweep of history.” –Brian Turner, author of Here, Bullet & Phantom Noise

 Give this book to a Vietnam Veteran, then families and friends

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