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Poems featuring political, social and general poems about injustice written over a period of years.
Hard-hitting poems about social, political and existential injustice.

Last Lambs, New and Selected Poems of Vietnam, Second Edition

Last Lambs is crafted to give voice to the inner war of the soldiers who served in Vietnam and to “the ghost” on the other side of the sky.
“Bauer’s voice adds to the hard and necessary literature focusing
on the Vietnam War”
Brian Turner, author of “Here, Bullet”

Pear Season and The Boy Who Ate Dandelions

“These poems are always in season… there is a ripeness in these pages that reflects….late summer light” John Mark Eberhart, The Kansas City Star

“Bauer’s poems literally make your neck hairs rise and his range is impressive:  war, family, nature…”

Jim McKinley, former Editor-in-Chief, New Letters

Promises In The Dust

“Bill Bauer is a poet of spooky power. His poems literally make your neck hair rise, and his range is impressive: war, family, nature, the poems highly on darkly colored with a palette from disparate places.”— Jim McKinley
“Bill Bauer is a poet of spooky power…his poems brightly or darkly colored with a palette from disparate places.
Jim McKinley, former Editor-In-Chief, New Letters

The Dragon Box

Eccentricity has always abounded when and where strength of character has abounded; and the amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and moral courage which it contained. — John Stuart Mill, On Liberty
Lift the lid and inhale the souls of distant dragons

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The Eye Of The Ghost is out of print.