The beach people yelled at Stefano, the story monger,

“Enough! Put a period on it! Please god”

He could not, so told them the story of his birth,

of how his mother, the dark, long haired, lovely one,

wrapped him within the folds of her white dress,

nuzzling his fuzzy little head and proclaimed,


“Stefano, you and you alone own the moon

Women will beg you to come

to their villas for private parties

You will swim with newly found species

in untroubled waters


Bats and lizards will ask your advice

about business dealings


Creatures everywhere will cock their ears

to listen before making investments


The president of the United States, the King of Spain

will want to pay their respects


Kites will lift you into the stratosphere

for a worldwide view


You, Stefano, are the 21st Century man –

Portuguese, French, Chinese, Sardinian –

who knows who all I’ve slept with –

You, center of black holes and quarks:

Stefano, my son, gem of all gems!”


“And,” Stefano grinned to the gathering crowd,

“I believe her”


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