How morning fresh her fine blond hair,

how light and loose her limbs

the little girl, Rebecca,

whose daddy swears to her

after Nipper’s torn

two ragged life long holes

into her cheek

that he’s really a sweet

lil ole doggie

who just loves to play,

and after Daddy says

“why, he’s just a sweet

lil ole doggie” often enough

she says it now herself

over and over

stroking its head,

shaking her

fine golden threads

before Nipper’s eyes,

assuring her little friends,

” No worries

He won’t bite

He’s just a sweet

lil oleĀ  doggie”

over and over

because Daddy told her so

and she’s so eager to believe

Daddy’s so to be believed,

it must be so,

so don’t you say any bad things

about this sweet lil ole doggie anymore,

do you, Rebecca,

why, it’s a cockerole spanish