Don’t worry, Margaret

I have washed my hands

and chopped today’s right

out of the garden vegetables

on the wooden block

as ordered


I have not snuck beef,

chicken or fish broth

into the soup contrary

to your specific instructions


No additives or nitrites, MSG,

preservatives, sulfates,

or any of that other junk

Strictly sea salt


I promise not to saw the hot,

just out of the oven, multigrained

legume and nut bread

until table time


Funny, I once skimmed off

a film of dust blown from a latrine

on the Cambodian Border

onto the surface of week old water

in my canteen cup,

and I’m still here


As for that expensive sack

of herbs and supplements

you swear by,

those potions and bromides

been marketed since witchdocters

The old timers called them

snake oil


Don’t worry, Margaret

Everyone’s going to die,

no matter what they eat

That’s not marketing

That’s science