Men, the chaplain said,

my mission here today

is to pray with you

on your departure

from the combat area

and thank the Lord Almighty

you survived this tour

without death or maiming injury.

But before I get into that,

I want to remind you

there’s a war going on

and it’s not going to stop

because you got orders.

Even now the North Vietnamese

move into the Angel’s Wing.

Your buddies are being airlifted

into a jungle

of booby traps, mines, malaria, ambush,

and you can help.

Sergeant Zigmunt has the forms.

Re-up and get a bonus.

Don’t forget the early out

or assignment of your choice.

Now let us pray

in the names of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

and fixed-wing aircraft

and the napalm’s orange glare

so help you God.



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