Son, you asked what happened

to the shining sunsets of the Sixties.

They were stolen by fat guys

in spotted boxer shorts

with oversized wallets.

Just as we opened the doors

to freedom the wallflowers

got scared, thought we’d blow

their cover of respectability.

Their fear grew so enormous

they went berserk.

They stopped hippie girls

from waving their nude hips

on farm meadows just outside big cities.

Folk singers went country.

War became the ticket to success.

Wall Street twisted even more crooked

than it had ever been.

The poor lost the little they had.

The majority voted for buffoons.

My friend, Helen, sat on the stone wall bawling

by the fountain on the Plaza when

she heard the news about her lover

killed by a booby trap near Da Nang .

She was so pretty then,

now a bag lady rumpled on the sidewalk

against the window outside Abercrombie & Fitch.


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