For an unknown segment

of timelessness and limitless space,

I – I – was GOD


There, on an operating table, without further notice,

I reversed the foolishness of all religions –


I trimmed all church budgets to eliminate

cathedrals and wars so kids and old folks

could benefit equally from wheat fields, clear waters,

from gold chalices, marble altars, tithing


I kicked monks and nuns out of monasteries,

put them to work in factories and coal mines,

ordered them to pray and eat heartily on their own dime


I canceled sin and hell from Sunday sermons,

cirrhosis, heart murmurs, strokes, cancers and Cadillac’s,

added hootenannies, beer busts, line dancing,

taco parties, horse shoes, water fights, erotic rub a dubs


Women could be priests – gay too, able to cavort

and marry freely, be moms and dads as I intended,

live in peace on my earth, make love loudly, joyfully


Babies could play naked with daddies and mommies

under trees, on beaches, without shame, touch my leafy hands,

smell me in rain and fresh snow, hear me in song birds and streams,

savor the opulence of my cornucopia


I did this because neither kings nor queens, not prophets

nor gurus, not crazy guys with long beards in funny robes,

had ever awakened to what I had in mind


Sadly, I opened my eyes, miraculously healed, I suppose,

a minor god, but no longer GOD