Arrived ten minutes early,

pencils, pens and paper clips,

neatly arranged on ink pad;

said the right things:


“Top drawer;”

“Can of worms;”

“Brass tacks;”

“Bag and baggage;”

“Came across my desk;”

“Burn you a copy;”

“Send it up the tube;”

“Cut you a check;”

“First thing in the morning;”


and all those evenings

we spit shined our shoes

for the run to the bus stop,

starched and ironed shirts

white collar stiff;

wove and spun ties

into perfect hangman’s knots,

shaved with aromatic lather,

neatly parted oiled hair


Late at night,

too tired for love making,

meticulously scoured

the financial pages,

stood sharp, sat straight,

snapped out answers


Had to, had to hack it,

pay the rent,

put food on the table,

play ball with the boys


Happy wife, happy life,

all that:


Meaningless now


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