Honey came by and sat with me under the umbrella

sipping strong coffee under the wet sky


The humid silence made the afternoon smooth,

moist, comforted our bodies


We laughed about Joachim with his spiked, purple hair,

the way his head bobbed left and right in his duck walk,

t-shirts he designed, “Free Me,” and “You Got Yours,”

slogans on poverty, control freaks, know-it-alls,

sad that he had gone away without telling us why


The earth seemed okay that day to Honey and me,

two bees under leaves, wings folded waiting for sunshine


Rain continuously struck the umbrella

Honey and I under it looked straight

into each other’s pupils and laughed again,

happy unlike Joachim we had stayed,

still had plans to make the world right


We hadn’t run away yet knowing one day we might,

not knowing where or why or what we would do

The words weren’t in our vocabularies that afternoon

They were hidden in the rain