Good morning,

men of Greater Summerville

Oh, don’t worry about me

I had a foolish notion

I might sleep late this cool,

breezy Saturday morning


I was just having a little dream

about a woman in a gaucho hat

swirling her skirt above her thighs

and dancing me toward her bedroom

when, suddenly, I heard your call


Peeping through the blinds

into this very bright dawn

I see you’re all suited up

and sure looks like everyone’s here

Hello, Roy! Howdy, Bud! Hiya, Carl!


Let’s lossen your bellies, boys

Relax those double chins

For godsakes, pull that ballcap down

a little lower on your forehead, Leroy


Ok, gentlemen, start your engines

Let’s hear how loud you can rev ’em up

Noisier the better

Plug in your grass whips

and electric hedge trimmers

Activate your sprinkler systems

and let the spreaders roll


Only you can make the whole world

smell like fertilizer