Man, the M-14’s were heavy there,

metal helmets and full gear

not the only burdens on our backs

in those forced marches at 5000 feet

heading for the Nam


Draft dodgers, yes, fools no,

national guardsmen and reservists,

none of us threw in for a stupid war,

to live like animals in the mud

or take hits from divorce decrees

filed by itchy wives who found

three years too long to wait


Lyndon Johnson used us too

for holding down the draft,

and who would know or who would care

if we had it right first time around

about the lie, sick joke and scam

they called the domino effect


No shit, our gig was up and soon

the world would know

what we knew then in useless marches

up and down hot dusty hills

ten miles a day or more

for no good reason but to hide

that we were, we were, dead on






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