Know first the dimensions:


60 inches in length, 48 inches high

divided by a mullion into 16 panes


Closed, the window does not allow

for sound


Below the window sits

a white squat porcelain buddha

approximately nine inches in height,

though in viewing

its height seems indeterminate

Expression:  bemused


The buddha resides on a mirror

atop a shining white wooden chest

with two doors ornamented by four circles


The mirror reflects everything around

and everything beyond the buddha


Not ten feet from the chest

seated on a white square ottoman

sits a man I call myself


What concerns us is not the buddha or the man

but the garden on the other side of the window


Every shade of green is there, every shape of leaf,

every color of vine, trunk and fruit,

every mix of light and pale




The window as a whole, each individual pane,

makes for an image of everything

Today, at least at this moment,

everything is there


A puzzle for the buddha and the man

is what to call the everything


And so they sit, as does the squirrel,

owl, doe, stag and perplexed child

in uncertain moments of silence,

frozen, stymied, forlorn,

as behind immutable barriers of glass,


for a word, a sound, a name,

something, anything