I have placed the white porcelain bowl here

in memory of the Japanese garden at our first house

and adorned it with several of your favorites:

sweet kernels of pistachios, candied walnuts,

roasted almonds, macadamias, chocolate chips,

and a handful of caramel corn


Before you I also present a flute of Champagne,

the effervescence of which, so fresh and heady

in the red light of this special evening,

will tingle up your neck and part your nostrils


Do you still think I am not a very nice person,

an ogre, a creep,

a grouchy old early morning man?


Here then, get a whiff of these three young gardenias

picked from the bush the other side of the roses

and inhale the love for you they carry


Now, what do you think about that,

brown eyes?