At this o’clock, hour of no hour,

in the mathematical quadrant

of existence, the island settles

into its own grasses and sands

shedding day’s seconds

by addition and deletion

in a sun of greens and golds,

multipliers of blues, puzzle pieces,

earthly collections of equations physicists

claim to be relative sums of the universe

and the foundation of all thought


In this formulation of sequences,

I have done all those things a man

does at the end of the compartments

of any given day:

sawed life into fragments, hammered

ideas with dull nails, wiped up, swept up

its leftovers, trashed mistakes


The woman sleeping next to me exhales softly

in predictable rotations and mumbles

in unknowable tongues

My children exist in their own geometry


I have provided them a life in currency

that can be counted and locked away

The house can be made warm and cold

electronically against the weather

I give and take away light in a click

Water flows within plastic streams;

food is hidden in the ways of squirrels


My routines are down, the management

of minutiae no longer haunts me

I know where I can find things:

my wallet, car keys, pencil and paper


Tools are hung metric on a pegboard

where I can call on them by hand

in the dark for late night emergencies

A battery operated lantern sits waiting

for random acts of the universe

I am finally content to let go the precarious


The book on my bed table lays

spread open flat on its binding

to mark the chapter I am in

My chest rises and falls under the sheet

in stories that can be written down


Everything is no thing;

everywhere is a nowhere that

cannot be located on map or globe

It is I who is place and thing,

a primary number of one,

deposited naked and alone

where I am and am not


And now everything is in its place

with nothing more that needs accounting

Tomorrow is another fantasy

The puzzle of the rest of life

has tumbled out of a combination

that allows me to rest by this open window

in a breeze whirling over my skin

and a last glimpse of the stars