“Sheriff Offers Bold Plan To Jailed Prostitutes”

— Arizona Newspaper Headline, 1995


Seven times elected by the white and wealthy, Little Joe Arpaio

had the ladies of the street exactly where he always wanted them:

shackled at the ankle under his bold command picking and bagging

the roadside trash of the law abiding


Badge turned in, he rides now with the prickly legends

of the Great Southwest, still bragging how he forced the broken

to break stones, bullied the wild and beautiful into the harness

of the hypocrites speeding outside his prison gates


Even as his comely wards stoop and wink they know tomorrow

they will be free to sin again and leave behind a shrunken

sexless toad to forever slink behind the sagging tent dungeons

of his dirt dark desert jails


Frontier justice metes out happy endings in its own ways

The inmates will yet stand tall while he falls short as those

small of mind with big guns are wont to do at showdowns

In time the posses of history will chase and flush him out