The yellow miniskirt hits high above

her knees, the skin of her shoulders smooth

over a strapless top sporting more than a peek

of fulsome breasts perfectly befitting

a healthy young woman just short of 30

balancing two elegant shopping bags

from an after-Christmas sale

in the shaded parking lot of a mall

in a newly gentrified part of town

redrawn along quaint narrow streets,


happy to be out and about and smiling

at the handsome young man

waiting in a Porsche convertible

who only a few hours ago successfully

reaffirmed her womanhood

and now smiles back at her striding

long-legged and proud in five-inch heels

across brightly painted lines


In her time zone in Southern California

it is exactly 2 p.m. on December 26, 2004,

the very moment his car radio announces

a monster tsunami has just

remodeled the entire coastline of Sumatra


What more can be said except that she is pretty

and laughs pretty and swoons pretty,

and “Oh Tony, turn that goddamn thing off,

will you? I mean who really gives a shit

about a whatever it’s called way the hell

out there in some stupid foreign place,

I mean…” and doesn’t say but might have said,

“…on such a spankin’ fine, kick-ass day

in the United States of America”