Order of battle:


Take cover in pantry closet

Spend afternoon arranging cans

of beans, mixed vegetables, soups,

containers of salt, pepper, spices


Gather packages of pastas,

sandbag them in a drawer

Organize provisions on shelves:

boxes of crackers, popcorn,

cookies, sacks of chips, nachos,

nuts and miscellaneous


Line up dishes, glasses, cups

into departments, day-to-day,

stash fine Christmas china

in nooks and crannies


Regroup in great room, sit alone

staring out windows as sun

disappears behind mountain


Close blinds, turn off lights

Plug ears as fireworks explode

Guzzle vodka on sofa, nod off,

wake to all clear


Crawl up steps to check out bed

Use flashlight to recon for

booby traps and sappers

Curl on mattress for taps

Imagine your time overseas

as a nightmare you had