“I do not intend to be the first American president to lose a war.”

— Richard Nixon, 1970


“They say:  We leave you our deaths;
  Give them their meaning”
     — From The Young Dead Soldiers, Archibald MacLeish


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A Belated Letter To My Draft Board

An Old Soldier Counts Sheep

Another War

AWOL In ‘Nam

Battlefields and Butterflies


Bunker Songs

Caligula In The Autumn Of 1968

Cardboard Signs


Door Ajar

For Jonah on His Way to Afghanistan

Ft. Carson

Ironing After The Korean War

Independence Day Parade

Plans For A Rambling House


Ratan Rises Existential

Runaway Dogs

Shoes Of A Soldier

Tailor Shop Window

The Brothers

The Case Against Tattoos

The Flag

The Good Soldier

The Search For A Peaceful Life

To Mr. Fourth Of July


My Welcome Home Steak (A Vietnam War Memoir)

Representative Vietnam War Protest Songs