Sunlight edges over the balcony

of a condominium plush with French provincial,
seeps across the elegant carpet
as far as the marble coffee table
adorned with crystal bowl and porcelain bouquet
The only other thing that moves within
settles its furry self on the settee, and waits


When the sun drains down over the balcony,
the lady comes again and holds it in her arms,
claims, pouting into its little ear,
she still needs an oriental lamp
for the end table,
a classical piece to set off the guest bath,
a mirror for the alcove


She straightens a pillow on her love seat
where she once placed a man,
arranged his stocking feet on the gold ottoman,
tried to make him heel,
but he was too messy and outspoken,
had to be put out


“Don’t worry,” she says, cuddling little precious
ever more tightly
One night by accident
she’ll discover a male original
for a price she can afford,
hang him in the gallery of her dreams


Meanwhile, she kicks off her pumps,
pours something merry and neat,
poses before antique armoire avec TV,
old bag with dog