“The establishment is made up of little men, very frightened.”

— Bella Abzug


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A Ghandi Man

Along Eccentric Boulevard

A Short History of America



Big Chief Tablet, Extra Size

Big Muddy

Big Old Twisted Tree

Boy Along The Road

Bright Rain

Business In The 1950′s

Calling Time

Child Geography

Country Club Man





Dressing Barbie

Driving By Sitting Still

Eating Wheaties

Exiting Om

Figments of Grandiosity

For Cheryl At Any Age


How Donkeys Got Big Ears

Howdy Doody Days

In the Reign of Our Terror

Job’s Day Off

John J

Laughing Boy

My Old Friend, May

Not Doing Very Well Overall


Paper Goods

Picture Show

Prelude to Snow

Red Brick Apartments

Running In The Rain


Self Made

Senior Delinquents

Street People

Sunlight, Falling

The Day Roy Rogers Died

The First Dead Guy I Ever Talked To

The Graduation Of John J

The Last Generation of the Plains Pioneers

The Mythology Of Raptors

The Refusal to Live a Lesser Life

The Silenced

The World N.O.S

Three A.M.

To A Boy Walking Uphill

Tough Love

Urban Obelisk

Walking In America

Thine Alabaster Cities Gleam